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Reese Report Features: The Reese Report is marketing giant, John Reese's monthly newsletter . It includes 20 pages of John's most guarded marketing strategies and research that you can use for your very own business. In addition to the printed material in the newsletter, you receive a "Companion CD-Rom" that illustrates many of the strategies he talks about, includes subscriber "marketing makeovers" and more. If you can't wait for the mail to arrive at your door, you always get online access to all the materials as soon as they are ready.

Subscription Details:

Frequency: Monthly

What's Included: 1 printed newsletter (20 pages) & CD-Rom

Download Option: Yes, all subscribers are able to download each issue as soon as it is ready.

Topics Covered: Each month is a bit different and John picks a new marketing strategy to focus on each month.

Regular Features include:

  • Marketing Makeovers: where John provides in-depth written and video critiques of subscribers' website. If you're a subscriber, you will have the opportunity to request a critique of your website.

  • Case Studies & Testing Data: John shows testing data that has helped dramatically increase conversion rates.

  • Virtual Real Estate Empire (VRE): This is John's pet phrase for building valuable real estate...on the Internet. In this section, John hunts down markets suitable for building Adsense and affiliate websites. This marketing research is priceless.

  • Info Product Insider: In addition to doing market research for VRE, John also finds markets that would be suitable for an information product, isn't too competitive and what kind of products the market might want.

  • Inbox: John answers questions from his subscribers and as a subscriber you are always welcome to submit to his "inbox"

Thoughts on The Reese Report:

I've been a subscriber to the Reese Report since it was created for John Reese's customers in December 2004. It has certainly been a worthwhile investment to me to see how market research is done (especially when you're a genius like John), learning from the critiques and having a ton of testing data at my fingertips.

Who Should Subscribe to the Reese Report?:

The Reese Report is definitely an advanced Internet marketing publication. I recommend it for those who have an understanding of marketing jargon and have already got their feet, even if just a little, with an online business. If you're brand new to online business, you might get frustrated with some of the terminology and lack of step-by-step instructions. John's newsletter is designed to give you the advanced marketing strategies to run with...and they're definitely worth running with.

Update: The Reese Report is no longer available -- for in depth information on getting more traffic and building a profitable internet business see Traffic Secrets 2.0 by John Reese

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